Pilgrimage is a meaningful journey to a sacred place. It provides the opportunity to step out of the non-stop busy live, to seek a time of quiet and reflection. It gives us the chance to ‘walk through’ those issues that we have on our minds, whatever they might be. It is a time of simply ‘being’ rather than always ‘doing’.

Pilgrimage can also be a highly sociable activity, allowing us to enjoy the company of others we meet on the road. It gives us the chance to re-energise mentally, physical and spiritually. And it allows us to reconnect with the natural world as well as to refresh our faith or seek spiritual direction.

Israel holds a place in the heart of every Christian as the country where Jesus was born, lived and died. Many thousands of Christians make the pilgrimage to the Holy Land every year to see the ancient sites where Jesus’ life played out. On Christian pilgrimages to Israel, pilgrims can see the Bible come to life as so many of the locations mentioned in the Bible still exist.

A Christian pilgrimage to Israel follows in the footsteps of Jesus and retraces the course of his life.
Pilgrimage has inspired a sense of originality, believability in awe of the wonders of God.



The National Christian Pilgrimage is meant or prepared to be embarked on for Christians to seek a moment to thank God for his blessings for the country Ghana and to pray for peace and prosperity for all Ghanaians and leaders.
The Pilgrimage is meant to give individual Christians a personal encounter with their maker.

To uniquely make the Bible a lifetime experience after.

A chance to pray for grace and meditation at significant sites mentioned in the Bible.

An opportunity for one to become a Jerusalem Pilgrim (JP).