Christian Pilgrimage



‘How I rejoiced when they said to me. ‘Let us go to the house of Yahweh!’ and now our feet are standing in your gate ways, Jerusalem.’ (Psalm122, 1-2)

The blood He shed for us was as a result of our unpardonable sins, yet he forgave us. The festive period of Easter reminded us of our journey through purification of sins and renewable lifestyles on earth, Ghana is going to embark on a journey without tremble. This is because His forgiveness surpasses all understanding and ‘ALL ARE FAVOURED IN HIS EYES THROUGH THE BLOOD SHED ON THE CROSS.’

A significance of faith gives hope and joy in the journey embarked on in this promise land of our fore fathers in the Lord. Significant as may be, the hope of salvation lies in the renewed life of every Christian. Calling to glory therefore denotes an entrenched position in the characters of Hope, Faith, and steadfastness in the Lord that all Christians must embrace as the country seeks the face of the Lord on the journey of Hope without tremble.

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